Fylde Coasters Committee Meeting 24/10/16

Winter rides and routes
Agreed that rides from 5/11/16 would be selected and posted on the Friday. This would allow time to assess the forecasted weather conditions and pick the most suitable ride. Details of the Café stops will be included in the ride details as normal but these will be optional.

Merge of B1 & B” rides for winter
Keep the website the same for members to book on either ride but assess on the day in terms of numbers /capability

Update on booking on system
Martin provided a quick demo of the system which will be available from April 2017. This will be used for membership and booking on rides. Martin will post a link of this on the committee page so that it can be tested. Also agreed to explore the possibility of an APP.

Although these haven’t been used on rides so far it was agreed to keep these and use them on drive rides when there are often 2 groups

Agreed that rear mudguard should be made compulsory in the winter. Members will be given up to the 1st Dec to get these fitted.

Halloween Ride
Too late to arrange, this will not take place this year

Social Day/Night – Manchester Markets
This is not being organised officially but details will be posted on the website for those members that want to join in. This will be an information only page with no option for comments to be made

Coasters Affiliation to British Cycling. This needs to be sorted by Dec 2016. Paul to sort out and arrange payment.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 17th January 2017 6.30pm