How To Download Routes to a Garmin

If you want to download a route so that you can navigate it using your Garmin Edge, this is very easy to do.

Just follow these instructions.

1 – Select the route you want to download.
2 – Click the Download (D’LOAD) icon in the action bar.

3 – Choose either TCX or GPX Track file format and click thre DOWNLOAD button:


TCX – includes any turn by turn directions/notes and lets you specify a Virtual Partner speed/pace
GPX – no directions or notes, just the route (less storage space needed)

4 – Connect your Garmin Edge to your computer. It acts like a USB stick, so once it is ready you can open it up in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder to see the files on it.

5 – Copy the downloaded file to your Garmin device – the instructions for this depend on which device you have:


Garmin Edge 500/800/810/1000/TouringCopy the file to the GARMIN/NewFiles folder

Garmin Edge 605/705Copy TCX files to the GARMIN/Courses folder

Copy GPX files to the GARMIN/GPX folder
Garmin Edge 205/305 and all other Garmin devices
Files cannot be copied directly – please use the Garmin Training Center software (TCX files only)
Import the download file into  Garmin Training Center (File -> Import -> Courses)
Download the Course onto your Garmin device (Send to Device and select the correct course)
To follow the route, locate it on your Garmin device and start the navigation:

Garmin Edge GPX files : you can find the route under “Where To?”
All other files and devices : you can find the route under “Courses”