Committee Members

Stuart Mann
Stuart MannChairman
A God like presence of inordinate ability and skill. To be feared and trusted in equal amounts. Often found in the Elk
Andy Hadgraft
Andy HadgraftTreasurer
Found wandering around the Elk one evening and appointed membership secretary on the basis that he would do. Given a bike and aimed west. Can still be found to this day crying about his lost previous life.
Liesl Hadgraft
Liesl HadgraftGeneral Secretary
Daughter of Diesel and Measle, this lady has taken to the cycling world like no other. She buys better and better bikes in the hope of finding one that does everything for her so she can sleep on the move. Wife of Andy and is often the bringer of his tissues when he cries.
Helen Parkinson
Helen ParkinsonSocial Secretary
HP as she is affectionatley known. Along with Gus a new recruit to the committee. Helen came with years of cycling experience & knowledge , unfortunately a fall on her first week with the Coasters deleted it all and she now uses stabilisers and asks how the wheels go round.
Veteran of 2 tours to Majorca and if you whisper the word Sa Colobra she screams at the memory of that hateful day
Adam Monk
Adam MonkGeneral Member
Adam was born in London in a manger surrounded by pitbulls and jellied eels. Adams first bike was a present from the Krays and he still has it to this day.
Adam moved up North to escape the gang culture and now lives as a mild mannered HR manager and spends his days regretting his past.
Kev Lister
Kev ListerDeputy Treasurer
Kev is the founding member of the short lived Fylde coasters Cyclo-water polo team. Seen pictured above during the inaugural cyclo-water polo match against Bella in Wellies in 2017. Kev sold his idea for a water based cycling sport to the Welsh where it has a cult following and has been able to retire on the proceeds of his idea. Kev now is deputy purse strings in the Coasters and loves to tall tales of his days cycling in the Lakes..literally.
Sean Devlin
Sean DevlinGeneral Member
Sean joined the Coasters after realising he had no friends or life to call his own. From the day he joined his love of “the pint” was more than welcomed by the chairman and over the years Seans love of both cycling and drinking has left little time for anything else. Sean is known as the master route planner in the coasters and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the whole of the North West. If you ever need someone to help find your way home, Sean is the go to man.
Susie Kirkham
Susie KirkhamGeneral Member
Susie , also known as Goose due to her lifelong desire for a nickname , has taken to the Coasters like a Goose to water. Early tardiness has seen her become a keen timekeeper and she now arrives a full day before the ride is due to begin and sleeps overnight in her car. One of the strongest riders in the club the secret to her cycling ability is down to illicit drugs and a syringe full of Chris Froomes red blood cells. Only a random drugs test can stop her from becoming one of the Coasters all time greats
Ian Chandler
Ian ChandlerMembership Secretary
Ian originally joined the Coasters to spy on us and reveal Coasters secrets to other local cycling clubs. Only when confronted with his deception did Ian break down and confess his duplicity. In a committee endorsed torture session Ian revealed he had told other clubs we just rode for fun and a bit of banter. These secrets were already quite well known locally and Ian was released on the condition that he joined us on the committee and never revealed any of the Coasters real secrets which are too dark for general publication
Mark McElroy
Mark McElroyKit Man
Mark, real name Little Tool, has been with the Coasters since the beginning. Mark has spent years cultivating the perfect moustache and eventually in November 2018 realised his lifetime ambition of growing the perfect upper lip hairpiece. Mark is known for his puncture repair abilities and on days off the bike he gets Mrs Mac to time him replacing tyres so he can get his technique down pat. His record is 1 min 32 seconds. Mark also plays the guitar for a captive audience…who are only released when they clap loudly.

Ride Co-ordinators

In addition to several committee members many members will assist on the day in co-ordinating group rides including the following

Andrew UnsworthRide Co-ordinator
Garry BirdRide Co-ordinator
Richard RobinsonRide Co-ordinator