It was asked at the AGM for minutes of any committee meetings to be published. We had one last night so here they are

Minutes of Meeting 13.6.16

Attendees – all the committee ( a first!)

Stuart Mann
Andy Mason
Diane Ellis
Helen Barrett
Helen Parkinson
Gus Ayala
Paul Thornburrow
Liesl Hadgraft
Andy Hadgraft
Martin Hoy

1. B1 & B2 Booking On. It was decided to leave the B1/B2 options on the BC booking on page for now. In winter when numbers are less maybe just give the one option

2. A Rides. It was decided to no longer provide official A Rides. Since reintroducng them a month ago no one has been booking on. Message Phil & Chris to let them know and tell them more than happy for them to continue unofficial rides on the Chat page

3. Andy Mason to produce an assessment form for potential new members before we accept their membership. In conjunction with the new FAQ part of the website this should help with any new member enquiries

4. Interclub ride with Chorley CC now agreed for July 3rd. More details to follow soon

5. Headsets have been purchased by myself and i will give feedback once tested to see if the club may want to purchase any for leader/tail end charlie

6. Water Bottles were discussed ( club ones) and decided may not be a market and a lot of effort involved so agreed not to proceed with this

7. Rider Feeback was discussed. This is where any members have noticed poor cycling etiquette and have felt the need to bring it to the committees attention. Or when any of the committee have noticed it. It was agreed we would communicate directly to the member reminding them of the rules of riding in a group etc.

8 Updating photos to the website was discussed. Martin to add a “how to” on the website