******Announcements *******

I know you have all been holding your breath awaiting the latest news from the coasters . Well sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the read . Summer rides mentioned towards the end

2017 Membership

As mentioned in the minutes of our last committee meeting this is being held at £10 for this year. However we are now using the coasters website for membership payments rather than British Cycling meaning the full £10 goes to the club without having to deduct £1 admin for BC .

If you go to the website www.fyldecoasterscycling.co.uk you will now see a register/log in button at the top of the page. When you are ready to renew your membership you can register with your email address and create a password.

Payment of the £10 is taken by PayPal either through an existing PayPal account or you can just use a debit card for a one off payment.
Once registered and a paid member you now have your own profile page which you can go onto and update with your phone number, emergency contact etc, and even a nickname.
Please ensure your name and surname are on your profile as this will be used when booking on rides ( explained further down)

After registering When you go onto the website in future you can log on directly through Facebook or just save your sign on so it should be quicker and easier than it was using BC

Give it a try and see . Any questions feel free to ask

FREE Memberships

When registering you will see an option for free membership. This is for new members only who wish to try before they buy. New members get 2 free rides with the club before having to pay. If full membership is not taken up the free membership will expire after 3 months.

calendar ride updates

Listening to members quite a few felt the rides for the weekend were posted late in the day. Therefore from March all rides for the calendar month will be posted on the calendar for the whole month. We will then try and get the next months rides up by the last week of the previous month etc etc .
We had been trying to leave route selection until late in the day to take account of the weather . However the weather in this country changes hour by hour so we have decide to just get the routes out there for the month ahead instead so you can all see what’s coming up.

Booking on a Ride (now done through coasters website )

Yes it’s back …with avengence! Booking on a ride will become about as compulsory as we can make it without it being compulsory. We accept people won’t always know until the last minute and we can’t force people to book on but we are asking people try and do this one small favour to the organisers. There will no longer be the B1 or B2 option just booking on the days ride. The groups can be worked out the morning of the ride

How to book on ?

Booking on is only available to paid members or free new members. Once registered and logged in go to the calendar, select the ride you wish to book on and select YES . simples you will then get an email to confirm the booking
If you change your mind you can also book off the ride just as easily.

Invisible calendar !!

From 1 April the calendar rides will only be visible to paid members of new free members. You will need to be logged in to see it and book on

SUMMER RIDES – Saddle Sore Saturday’s

Ok a big announcement for summer is that from April every Saturday will be saddle sore day ! This means we will having a longer ride every Saturday until the end of summer.
A longer ride can be a longer club ride, a touring ride or a drive ride. As with the new process these rides will be posted for the full calendar month in advance.

Sunday’s will remain as a standard club ride of 40-50 ish miles with the odd exception here and there . We appreciate some people can’t make Saturday’s and we apologise for this however we just can’t please everyone And feel this is the best way to keep as many members happy as possible


this is booked for Saturday 8 April at the cube once again. Helen Parkinson will let you know more shortly

That’s about it folks. I’m going to get marches calendar updated for the month over the next day or so. As it’s still winter these will be the standard club rides on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s and then the summer calendar starts from April.

Phew, tired fingers