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If you want to come and try before you buy the first 2 rides are free to all new members. Come along to any of our advertised rides and see how you get along. Please see the FAQ on this site for answers to most questions you may have


Although we more than welcome new members we have a minimum standard new members should be able to manage before joining. This is around 14 mph over a flat 30 mile course for our cafe rides. Hills will be included on club rides and all other rides so it is expected you will have some experience on these before joining a club ride. This is to ensure all members of the club enjoy their ride and are able to ride to a minimum level . Mountain Bikes are not suitable for our rides

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***Although this website is frequently updated,  for the most relevant and up to date information please join as a paid member and ask to be added to the Fylde Coasters members facebook page. Look for the links on this page to join****

Welcome to the Fylde Coasters Cycling Club – Keep an eye on our upcoming rides – the calendar is updated at the beginning of each week for the forthcoming weekend and any other rides that week.

Unless otherwise stated please arrive at Poulton Elk at for all rides at the times stated below. Expected latest arrival back at the Elk for most club rides is estimated at 1.00 to 2.00 pm but cannot be guaranteed

Longer drive rides/touring rides may have an earlier start time and/or a different meet place.  Please ensure you check this on the calendar for details

Saturday & Sunday Depart Times & Average Group Speeds

From Summer 2019 we are trialling the way we organise the group rides.  Rather than than having average speeds we will be splitting the groups into manageable groups of  around 4 with a maximum of 6 for our club rides. This is to try and keep ability levels similar in the groups and to be able to manage the group and traffic better. Minimum level is still expected to around 14 mph average for the slowest groups but the aim is for these smaller groups to self manage and ensure everyone is happy at the speed being ridden and to keep together throughout the ride ( hills excepted) .

Club Ride – 9.00 am all year

Cafe Ride – 9.00 am  all Year

Drive rides – see calendar for meet point and time.

*****Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your groups depart time*****

Summer only is Midweek Spin which has groups ranging from the very fast to a medium pace. You pick the pace to suit your ability. Beware the fastest group as they hold no prisoners and you may have to drop back to the next group if you cant hold the pace !  WEDNESDAYS at 7pm

Drive Rides & Touring Rides

Due to the large variations in difficulty of the drive rides and dependent upon numbers attending giving average speeds is difficult however please allow a full day for these events

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Winter Times & Mudguards

October 29th, 2018|

From this weekend 3 November the start times for all club rides will change to 10.00am Café Rides will remain [...]


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